Thursday, March 22, 2018


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Resources for Vets

Veterans Resources is here to help Veterans. Whether you are currently in active service or already a veteran you will have questions. This page is dedicated to gathering resources that may be helpful to you. In addition to staying current on Veterans News, we try to address Veterans Education, compensation, and the benefits afforded you by the GI Bill.

We have also added a forum like atmosphere in the Veterans Community Portal where you can ask questions. There are a ton of great people who are members who help answer your questions posted in the forums. You can join up for free and ask questions or answer questions, or just chit chat. There are also discount deals from local businesses in the portal to help reduce the cost of your everyday purchases.

Come back to this page often to review the veterans resources which are updated frequently.


Veterans Advantage Program

Get VAP'd! Veterans Organization has established the Veterans Advantage Program (VAP) in partnership with Veterans Advantage Program helps Vets and their families and friends by establishing relationships with businesses and educational institutions that appreciate the Veteran’s commitment to duty, honor, and freedom. These businesses offer money-saving discounts, special promotions, and preferential treatment for jobs and other opportunities that can improve the quality of Veterans’ lives. These opportunities are only available through the Veterans Advantage Program and are not available to the public. Just by joining Advantage Program, you send a strong message to businesses that you appreciate the support they give to Veterans. As our appreciation for joining Veterans Advantage Program, we offer all participants the opportunity to earn cash. Veterans Advantage Program invites you to become a part of our unique and growing community to support our Vets! Membership is free.

Vets can save money, earn cash, find jobs, get training!Vet-friendly businesses Help our Vets!


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