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VetOrg has elected the Orion Vehicle Intelligence System ( and Elite Vehicle Intelligence System ( for its 2011 Veterans Organization Awards for Humanitarian Services. Both Orion VIS and Elite VIS provide innovative technologies that help Vets help other Vets. By providing tracking, monitoring, reporting, and controls for Vets who need ride share services or who are involved in relocation, both Orion VIS and Elite VIS have proven to be instrumental in reducing costs and accelerating transportation schedules. Getting Vets to doctors, hospitals, events, friends, VFW meetings, is what Orion VIS is all about. Getting Vets' precious belongs to new locations safely is what Elite VIS does. <br> </br>A special VetOrg Commendation is given to SquawkinIt (<a href=""></a>) for providing social services and low-cost products and services to Veterans and their families. SquawkinIt works with thousands of social service organizations, businesses, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Veteran's Groups, No Greater Love (<a href=""></a>), and 501.3C entities to help improve the quality of life for Vets and their families.

Sweats for Vets

Monday, October 04, 2010 10:38 AM

I appreciate your time, and hope I am not inconveniencing you. I am part of SAIC’s Military Alliance Group (MAG) and today marks the beginning of our “Sweats For Vets” Campaign (running today through Veteran’s Day). I am the Chicago Area coordinator, and I would like to ask for your help in providing warm clothing to our Homeless Veterans, and Veterans in Financial Crisis in the Chicagoland area.

We have partnered with the Jesse Brown VA Medical center for the Chicago area, and I am spearheading the local campaign to raise clothing for our homeless veterans. The Jesse Brown VA Medical center has a homeless veterans assistance program that provides a short stay, counseling, and clothing to homeless veterans. On any night there are approximately 120 homeless veterans at this program, and since a veteran can only stay three nights at a time, the size of the need becomes readily apparent.

If you or others in your workplace have time to help those who gave so much for all of us, there are two avenues for giving. I will collect (1) clothing or (2) monetary donations on behalf of the MAG and the VA (all checks need to be payable to “Jesse Brown VA,” and will only be useable by Jesse Brown VA toward clothing for veterans).

The Jesse Brown VA will issue a thank you letter and receipt to you for your donations for tax purposes (in the same way as Goodwill, or Vietnam Veterans of America). For the local area, I am able to travel to your location (including Champaign) to pick up any donations you are able to give, and for those outside of Chicago, I can provide a mailing address for you to send the donations.

Please help those who gave so much…and are still giving.


Thomas D Sampson, USN (former)

Cell: 904.234.8057

Veterans Advantage Program

Get VAP'd! Veterans Organization has established the Veterans Advantage Program (VAP) in partnership with Veterans Advantage Program helps Vets and their families and friends by establishing relationships with businesses and educational institutions that appreciate the Veteran’s commitment to duty, honor, and freedom. These businesses offer money-saving discounts, special promotions, and preferential treatment for jobs and other opportunities that can improve the quality of Veterans’ lives. These opportunities are only available through the Veterans Advantage Program and are not available to the public. Just by joining Advantage Program, you send a strong message to businesses that you appreciate the support they give to Veterans. As our appreciation for joining Veterans Advantage Program, we offer all participants the opportunity to earn cash. Veterans Advantage Program invites you to become a part of our unique and growing community to support our Vets! Membership is free.

Vets can save money, earn cash, find jobs, get training!Vet-friendly businesses Help our Vets!


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