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Mission - Better the lives of military veterans through economic achievement.

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Economic Opportunity

Sales Training improves Profits and Brand

Recent data suggest that veterans are having difficulty making the transition from military service to civilian careers. The unemployment rate for veterans far exceeds their peers who entered the work force right out of high school or college. Economic opportunity is the way that all of us live the American dream. It only makes sense that those same veterans who protect our economic system have the opportunity to share its benefits. The most immediate need of the majority of service men and women after discharge from active military service is – EMPLOYMENT! As a centralized resource where our veterans can identify and connect with vet friendly employers and educational opportunities we aim to make the transition from military service to a civilian career as painless and profitable as possible.



Our F&I training yields profits and happy customers.

VeteransOrganization intends to be advocacy organization. Starting with basic living essentials we aim to help our military veterans by advocating for better living standards after discharge from service. On the political front we support Federal, State and Local legislation aimed at supporting the basic needs of veterans. When decisions are made to allocate tax dollars it is our belief that veterans should be given priority. Our mission is to ensure that the essential needs of Food, Shelter, Health and Economic Opportunity are met for all who have served our country.



Service yields annuities and customer loyalty

Our veterans rarely ask for thanks. All of us know a veteran who has done heroic things in the defense of his or her country but rarely speaks of it. Regardless of how we feel about political decision making and our past present and future military involvements, it is the duty of every American to express gratitude and appreciation for the protection our enlisted men and women provide. No matter what branch of the military, no matter how large or small the contribution to our freedom may seem; we believe that all who answer the call to serve deserve our honor and respect. Through this website we hope to give everyone the opportunity to join us in saying a heartfelt thank you to our veterans.



Excellent Training & Support 

Whether it is through an individual, family or corporate membership we hope you will join us in saying thank you to our military veterans. Post your message of appreciation on our message board. Become an individual member and proudly display your Thank-A-Vet ribbon. If you own a business, join our directory of Vet Friendly Businesses and offer a discount to active and former military through this site. Despite all of our problems the United States of America is still the greatest country in the world. Together we can make life better for those who have done so much to protect our American way of life.


Veterans Advantage Program

Get VAP'd! Veterans Organization has established the Veterans Advantage Program (VAP) in partnership with Veterans Advantage Program helps Vets and their families and friends by establishing relationships with businesses and educational institutions that appreciate the Veteran’s commitment to duty, honor, and freedom. These businesses offer money-saving discounts, special promotions, and preferential treatment for jobs and other opportunities that can improve the quality of Veterans’ lives. These opportunities are only available through the Veterans Advantage Program and are not available to the public. Just by joining Advantage Program, you send a strong message to businesses that you appreciate the support they give to Veterans. As our appreciation for joining Veterans Advantage Program, we offer all participants the opportunity to earn cash. Veterans Advantage Program invites you to become a part of our unique and growing community to support our Vets! Membership is free.

Vets can save money, earn cash, find jobs, get training!Vet-friendly businesses Help our Vets!



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