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Jobs for Veterans don’t come Easy!
Veteran benefits are available to our men and women who have served in any of the US Armed Forces. However, jobs for veterans are not necessarily waiting for our American Heroes when they get out. This is attributed to many factors to include poor economy, a glut of available civilian workers, and stiff competition from non-military college graduates. However, most often, the training a veteran receives is not directly applicable to well-paying civilian jobs.
For example, the majority of people serving in the US Army are classified as Infantry. Army classifications are referred to as Military Occupational Specialty Code (MOS or MOSC). Soldiers assigned to the Infantry typically have an MOS of 11B or11C. The Infantry is the backbone of the Army and constitutes the majority of soldiers. The Infantry defends our country in peacetime and when called upon resists enemy ground forces during times of combat.
Serving in the Infantry is very honorable and courageous. However, upon leaving the Army, there are not many jobs for veterans, particularly Infantrymen, whose primary skill sets include reconnaissance, anti-personnel and well, you get the picture.
Generally, former military require additional civilian education to find a career in which they enjoy, are capable of executing, and provide the finance income necessary to support their desired lifestyle. Jobs for veterans who have advanced their education are more available, as the military-trained worker is considered to be more disciplined and mature. Veteran benefits are available and must be used judiciously.
While employers may promote jobs for veterans, they tend to hire people who possess sufficient existing training to be immediately productive in their workforce. Corporate hiring statistics suggest that a civilian employer prefers a 23 year old college graduate with a degree useful to their operations over a 23 year old with 5 years of military service and no college degree. However, add a 2 year certification program from Pennco to this Vet and they are now appealing to employers.
When looking at jobs for veterans, most Vets consider their immediate need to make money, geographical location, type of work, and career advancement potential. At times, the need for immediate income drives their decision process. However, in considering jobs for veterans veteran benefits could be the deciding factor for post-military career decisions.
Another example of jobs for veterans is former military who served as 91B (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic). These Vets would make excellent students for Pennco’s Automotive Technology program. These Vets have experience and interests in this field – they just lack the certifications to work for a car dealership or other desirable employer. Pennco can get them to reach their goal while leveraging their military experience. Currently, many Vets have to “re-train” and “re-career” which has a high probability of resulting in a frustrating, unrewarding career path.
The decision is difficult. However, there are options and advanced educational institutions such as Pennco Tech  have initiated programs to provide Vets with professional guidance on how to tap their veteran benefits to receive accelerated education and certification in career fields that leverage their military service training and experience. The result is a “one stop” approach that nurtures Vets to a life-long career path.
Armed with the proper guidance jobs for vets are available. Learn more about your options by joining the Veterans Community Portal.

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Recent surveys indicate that many Vets share a common problem; to find a meaningful job that enables them to feed their families while utilizing to the maximum extent practical their experience and training gained in the military. The later is very important as it gives Vets a sense of pride and dignity that their commitment to serve their country not only helped keep freedom alive, but also that they grew mentally, emotionally and professionally – traits that will serve them well in the civilian workforce.


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